Sunday, 29 March 2015

Bret Easton Ellis' Work Needs a Good Screen Adaptation

Watched The Canyons, scripted by Bret Easton Ellis, of who's work I'm generally a fan.

It's directed by Paul Schrader (screenwriter of Taxi Driver and Raging Bull), so you would expect a certain level of quality. Unfortunately, it was terrible. Tara (Lindsay Lohan) doesn't realise that her agent or whoever (porn star James Deen) is a psycho, despite him being generally weird and vacant from the outset. Low point- no discernible plot. High point- Lohan's tits. (NSFW, obviously.) Her performance was actually better than I expected, (although she was playing a bit of a fuck-up- i.e. herself) but the rest of the cast were playing characters that were fa├žades to begin with, and bringing that kind of vacancy to life requires a level of subtlety that none of the actors possessed. Watchable, but forgettable.

I later redressed the balance by re-watching The Rules of Attraction, a film based on Ellis' novel of the same name.

An arts college in New England, some time in the 90s (shifted on a decade from the book): an unrequited love triangle emerges to the backdrop of parties, drugs, sex, and dissociation. It received a fair wad of criticism on its release in 2003, and it must have been about a decade since I last watched this film. But it still holds strong as a rollercoaster of a movie and is still by far the best adaptation of Ellis' work, as he himself agrees

The screen adaptations of American Psycho and Less Than Zero were let-downs, and The Informers got bad press (I'll check for myself soon). Will somebody in Hollywood now please adapt Glamorama? And please don't fuck it up!

BTW, did I ever mention I met the guy?

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