Sunday, 15 March 2015

Where you should have been this weekend in Manchester

Thursday: Milton Club. Crazy night with policewoman fire breathers, stilt walkers, poncho-wearing Mexicans and a bloke dressed as the Pink Panther. Presumably these were all part of the performance that is Marquee, the new Thursday-night event. As opposed to, say, a load of outrageously-attired party-goers who all thought they'd try out the club on a week-night.

Either way, it was great entertainment and certainly a break from the norm of Manchester clubbing, which has needed a spruce-up. You can rely on Milton Club for this.

In attendance, but not part of the act, was former middleweight and super-middleweight boxing champion Chris Eubank, dressed as eccentric as ever in a mandarin collar suit. I managed to get a handshake.

For those unfamiliar with Eubank's knockout power, check out this. In the 80s and 90s, he was one of the hardest punchers on the sport.

The Marquee Thursdays Facebook album is updated weekly here

Friday: New monthly event Belleza Clasica at The Milton Club. Saxophonist Siara Sax and violinist Lauren Charlotte accompanied house music DJ Eibhlin. A great team who seamlessly wove classical and contemporary house music, all under the guidance of events coordinators Six15events.

The next event is probably 10th April.

Saturday: Meet New People night at Missoula Piccadilly. A chance to meet other Manchester-based folk, to form friendships, to network, but most evidently to get pissed. The night, arranged by Social Group 20s and Early 30s in Manchester, was tellingly popular. Manchester attracts people from far and wide, most of whom will want to find their type of people. This group seems to a be a good start whether you're new to the city or Manchester veterans who just want to meet more people. We had the upstairs bar to ourselves, where people from all over the world congregated- Aussies, Irish, Americans and more. Keep your eye on their Meetup page for the next event.

Today: Mothering Sunday. I busted out the cookbook, whipped something up and invited the parents for tea. Blog post to follow. It's safe to say I need an early night tonight.

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