Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Cooking on Gas: Review

I spent a month trying to cook as many recipes as possible. I managed 5. They were:

The Winner: Cajun Chicken. The Binner: Winter Lamb and Lentil Broth.

I didn't cook as many meals from cookbooks as I'd hoped, but one a week isn't too bad. It's more creative than I was doing, which was mostly banging chicken breasts into wraps with a bit of salad. I was also hammering takeaway places with alarming regularity- I've cut down on that too (but that's another blog post).

I'd have cooked a lot more meals, only the motivation to shop, prepare, cook and eat a meal for four (splitting the finished item down over a few days) is hard to muster after you've been at work all day and then been to the gym. And speaking of the gym, I started this project to be healthier and get back in shape. So how did I do? Well, I boxed a lot and I feel a lot sharper and fitter than I used to in these classes. I've done a few gym classes as well and haven't done to badly there either. I didn't spend a great deal of time in the actual weights gym, but I did hit a few PBs between 12/5 and 12/6.

Cable crunch (rope handle) with 15 plates: 20 more reps
Cable crunch (metal handle) with 15 plates: 30 more reps
Dips: 10 more reps
Horizontal grip chin-ups (backs of hands facing face): 1 more rep

So: a few improvements. My body weight is still hovering above 70kg though. To bring this down, I propose that, once a week, I cook a new recipe from the Hairy Dieters' cookbook rather than rely on staple meals like chicken stir fry. I've cut so much junk out of my diet that Ive got to replace it with something better- these recipes are as good as anything else, if not better.

More recipe blog posts to come. Stay tuned.

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