Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Reading and Planking Fail

Last week I wrote how I planned to plank my way through the enormity of Jonathan Franzen's critically acclaimed The Corrections

Well, I've powered through the first 100 pages. I'm just not getting into it. Maybe the act of planking, and the effort it seems to take, is hampering my appreciation of the literature. Or maybe it's just not my kind of novel. I dunno. So far I've established that Franzen is a capable writer. But if you ask me, his characters are dull to the point of fading into middle-American obscurity and the plot- once-rich people struggle with middle-class 90's financial difficulties and Alzheimer's- depresses rather than engages.

Possibly because of this I didn't have the strength nor the willpower to hold plank longer than 2:24, way below my 4:02 record.

I will try another reading and planking project soon with an equally large but more promising novel.

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