Monday, 22 June 2015

Elixir and Lola Lo

Saturday: stopped by the fragrant and atmospheric Elixir on Deansgate for a night out with Manchester Social Group. An intimate starting bar with fantastic house music. Although there are 800+ members in the group, you'll still recognise familiar faces from other meetups even when there's only 8 spaces per event. A great crowd.

We then moved on to Lola Lo on Deansgate Locks, where the organiser had got us all on the guestlist. We were served cocktails by Sean Penn and David Arquette lookalikes. Lola's, the largest and nicest of Manchester's tikki bars, is split between 2 floors- one for dance and one for R'n'B. Showing my age here, but it used to be Loaf. I thought it was better back in the day, but hey. I'm old. It's still full of good looking people.

It's the third time Manchester Social Group has ran that night, and it's still popular. So by all means keep your eye on the group- it may reappear.

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