Sunday, 28 June 2015

Winner, Winner, Steak Dinner

Of course, it'd only be in the heat of summer when you lose your hay fever eye-drops and your eyes go red and raw and itch like you're a crack addict. God knows what I've done with them. But that's the worst of my week. The rest: I retweeted a tweet from Manchester Cars, a taxi company, to see if I could win a free meal for two at swanky restaurant 47 King Street West. I totally forgot about it, but a few days later...

Manchester Cars came to get me on Thursday night, and they chauffeured me to the restaurant's door in a Toyota Avensis. Nice.

I started with the chicken parfait, and moved on to the T-bone steak (huge). The chips were so big that they'd basically made the biggest possible cuboid out of a whole potato, four times, and roasted them. All of it was delicious. Peppercorn sauce: spot on. The apple crumble dessert rounded it off brilliantly, and I washed it all down with Amaretto sours, a first for me. Not normally a cocktail person but I liked it.

I'd like to thank 47 King St West, Manchester Cars (who also dropped me off at home again) and VG for coming with me. A superb evening.

Friday: a Meetup with Social Creatives, for filmmakers and other artistic types. A good opportunity to meet people, chat, get drunk and plan collaborations. We started in The Bridge on Bridge St off Deansgate, then moved on to Atlas Bar at the Castlefield end of Deansgate. It has a perfect terrace for summer drinks, which we utilised. We finished at Sakura on Deansgate Locks, where I managed to get my hip flask past the metal detectors. (A hip flask of the strongest possible alcohol- in my case 70% West-Indian white rum- is a great way of reducing costs on a night out.) Quiet (as was the whole recession-battered city), but with great house music and a well-maintained gents' room. The girl selling Jagerbombs needed to go to management to get change for a the £20 not I paid with, but that's a minor issue.

In essence, there are two parts to a night with Social Creatives: the discussing of creative media in The Bridge, and the getting pissed and developing further ideas in other bars. In the latter half, we certainly got pissed. If you're a creative type, you should join us.

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