Sunday, 7 June 2015

Manchester Creatives

Friday: a meetup with Manchester Creatives, a group of people involved with- or looking to be involved with- the creative industries. Think TV, film, art, writing, advertising. I went to meet people who might be interested in screenplays or blogging. The venue: The Bridge pub on Bridge St, off Deansgate. A bit of a shithole, but served a purpose. The people were nicer than the venue.

Most people the group were professional filmmakers with a tech background trying to carve a niche in a dreadfully competitive and overpopulated market. A good group of people, so if you're a struggling media graduate like me (there are more than a handful of us in the city) this is a group you should get involved with.

After this we moved on to The Moon Under the Water on Deansgate, the biggest pub in Manchester. It's also one of the chavviest, but hey. We trekked further down Deansgate and into Liars Club on Back Bridge St, an aptly named “Tikki dive bar”. I won't be back.

I may meet up with the group again, and I'll probably bump into some of them at other meetups too- at least 2 I recognised from previous meetups at different groups like 20s and Early 30s. What this shows is that the site is bringing people together, and is helping people find their people, but more importantly it's showing that people are actively trying to get out and expand their social circles and enjoy themselves, which is pretty fucking important in my book.

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