Monday, 27 February 2017

Boxing and Drinking

Two staples of British culture- pugilism and getting hammered- occur this weekend.

New Meetup group Frustrated Creatives Drinking Circle meets on Friday in a yet-to-be-confirmed location. There's a limit of 20 attendees and there's currently a 19-strong wait list, so the organiser has clearly hit the nail on the head in terms designing a group for the people of Manchester. It's probably worth keeping your eye on the page as the group meets on the first Friday of every month. You could book your space for next month now if you wanted. I'll let you know how this one goes.

Saturday night: David Haye takes on fellow Brit Tony Bellew, who has jumped up from cruiserweight (where he holds the WBC belt) to heavyweight. Sky Sports claims Haye's power hasn't diminished after years of being a pro. It should be an explosive night. My money's on Haye. Seventh Round.

I have further ideas and more blog posts (including a famous singer) in the pipeline. This month I'm doing a spot of citizen journalism. The first week of this was slow but I'm now lagging behind with the stories to upload. I'm likely to be in town sticking my nose around in the rain later today.

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