Sunday, 12 February 2017

You missed a few parties this week...

Cool Bars meetup group went out to LIV's Thursday night party, for the first birthday of Socialite. Can't complain about the free glass of Prosecco on arrival!

I've met some cool people in Socialite over the months but I'm finding that a lot of girls there- particularly Indians- are ridiculously hard to talk to. I've been to other places where people are a lot more receptive to a simple chat.

The advertising for the night suggested there were 'celebrity guests'- I didn't recognise anyone, and I do a fair bit of Z-lister hounding (if you're new to the blog).

I'll do other midweek nights from now on.

On Friday Cool Bars went to the launch of 4 Mayfair at Suburbia. Like Socialite, this night also had Drake between every other RnB song and was full of snobby Asian girls, with the added disappointment of large groups of drunk lads falling about and shoving into people. Oh, and Scott, Kady and Adam J from Love Island.

I hadn't formally ruled out Suburbia although I'd never been particularly bowled over by it. I've decided I won't be back there either.

On Saturday night it started to snow in Greater Manchester, but that didn't stop people turning up to Sakana for a few early drinks. I had put up a meetup with Cool Bars with the intention of letting people decide a a group whether we stayed there or moved on. A good group came together for this and we stayed there for a few hours (largely because the queue at Albert's Schloss next door was horrendous). Sakana itself was busy, with live sax accompaniment and full off gorgeous girls. Of course. And free WiFi. We'll go back there.

Contrasting the class of this bar was Deansgate Locks, around which I took a stroll looking for stories for the blog. All I found was this guy spewing onto his own coat.


I'll just go to the Locks midweek from now on I think. Running out of options!

I have more ideas for meetups- keep your eye on the Cool Bars page!

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