Friday, 17 February 2017

Citizen Journalism Month

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I've done a lot of preparation for this particular project. I've learned the basics of touch typing (here and here) and shorthand (here). I've tried to improve my writing over the years and deliver information with a bit more journalistic professionalism. It's now time to take this blog up a level.

For the next month I'll be visiting Manchester looking for stories and information, and hopefully beating the MEN and other publications to the scoops. So what might I come across?

I have in mind to report on book signings, nightlife events, arrests and celebrity appearances. I'll talk to police and security professionals, journalists and other bloggers in the hope that I'll help people as well as entertain them with the writing I publish. I'll talk to existing contacts, and forge new ones. I'll go out with a reporter's notebook and my camera phone. I'll wear knee pads so I can climb onto things to get filming vantage points. I'll get pictures and video. I'll talk to people about things and record sound on the Mini Recorder app. And then I'll get home and upload it all as quickly as possible. It's going to mean a few very late nights!

I'm aiming to get the kind of hits I got back in 2014- in some periods this was 15-30k hits a month. January's hits? 2k. A challenge lies ahead!

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