Sunday, 19 February 2017

So. The first weekend of Citizen Journalism month is under the belt.

No groundbreaking stories just yet, but it's early days.

Valentine's Day passed uneventfully on Tuesday. I wish I'd got more organised in advanced and put up a meetup for some early drinks somewhere, so there was at least a place for people to go to do something social and meet new mates. Next year!

Saturday: I stumbled across the Spinningfields Makers Market on Deansgate, where people sell locally-made produce such as food and trinkets.

Great music and burgers. It takes place on the third weekend of every month. The next one will be 17th-19th March. Find it outside Australasia on the way into Spinningfields.

Here's Ray from Britain's Got Talent dancing to Buddy Holly's Heartbeat, being performed by the Piccadilly Rats.

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Local singer Alice Hollywood also set up stall nearby to perform her covers of contemporary pop songs. Good talent.

More info to come, including a club reopening, a celebrity singer and a boxing match.

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