Saturday, 25 February 2017

Kettlebell Kitchen: fast health food

The amount of times I've been in Manchester and needed to eat something quick before going to meet people doesn't bear thinking about. Manchester is packed with fast food places, the vast majority of which are not particularly good for you- the Food Court is a minefield of salt and preservatives, Subway is fattier than McDonalds, and standalone takeaway joints hardly scream 'clean eating.' Pita Pit is a step in the right direction it seems,  and I've eaten there recently- it's a little dearer than the above options but is worth it. Their Deansgate branch is handy if you're in the centre of Town. 

If you're in the north of the Centre, though, it might be worth strolling through the northern quarter to work up an appetite and dive into Kettlebell Kitchen on Great Ancoats Street.

You'll need to take a short walk away from the CIS tower and out towards New Islington. Once there you'll find a clean and tidy gym-style cafe with woodchip d├ęcor and gym-themed designs- a kettlebell and weight disc fixed to every table, gymnastics rings on the walls, and a counter serving a range of protein-based healthy meals- the halloumi wrap I had was fit. Kettlebell Kitchen runs a reward scheme through which you collect stamps for each day you buy a meal, and your 6th meal is free. The loyalty scheme has a number of other perks including further reductions- drop in to find out more.

This is not a sponsored post, by the way. I'm just fed up of putting weight on through needing to eat on the fly. KBK has been open for a year now- can't believe I've only just found out about it. We'll see if Manchester's new addition to the restaurant scene is as healthy as it claims, as I'll be dropping in again.

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