Wednesday, 22 February 2017

“He claimed he took Uranus apart”

Even though I find my tolerance diminishes
When I start a trilogy I've just got to finish it
Hence I ploughed though a huge excess
of surrealist cut-up with The Nova Express
Sense-withdrawal, lemur people
All mashed up with the previous sequel
So even though it's a terrible bore
It's not Deja Vu; I have read it before
What surprised me though, and here's some news
Scientology was practised before Tom Cruise
Pushed it out into the mainstream media
Published in 62, and you can read it here
Not that it made a great deal of sense,
and I doubt it was based on real events
I can give you an example straight of the mark:
He claimed he took Uranus apart
I don't see how this could have gone on, hey?
What? You mean it's a double entendre?
The notes at the back made a huge investigation
to minor changes in punctuation
in the way he left his ellipses scattered
But I failed to see how that really mattered
when none of it made sense anyway
Give me Naked Lunch over this any day
A trio of stories with minimal synergy
I'm glad to say I've finished the trilogy.

Moving onto a different media
A review of a podcast is what you can read here
So something I can listen to, is what you're tellin' me?”
Indeed. And it's called “My Own Worst Enemy.”
Danny Whittaker has done his research
and produced a series of audio features
packed with information on mental health
with expert speakers and, of course, himself
phobias, history and a range of conditions
are covered in the 'cast, so give it a listen!

We party through the week, yeah? Don't you know?
Student night with decent people
With a refurb covering cellar to steeple
The atmos and prices I've gotta respect,
But I'd advise the bar to sack their architect
The flow of wines and juice was steady
But the tile decorations were loose already
Also, could the management consider a suggestion?
They might want to change up their music selection
I realise that playing RnB is all it takes
But I am fucking sick of always hearing Drake
Seeing as Tahitian vibes are all what it's about,
Why not mix it up with a little tropical house?
So Monday nights are back on track,
And like Arnie keeps saying, I'll be back.

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