Friday, 21 April 2017

Amerie and Kid Ink in The Milton Club

The Milton Club offered up two artists in one night last Saturday- one huge a decade ago, one huge right now.

Manchester Cool Bars started in Sakana for this although I double booked and made it to them just before midnight, the cut-off point for our entry tickets at the club. Close call.

The club was heaving- good looking people, RnB music blasting out, and two hours to get to know the group before the first singer jumped on stage.

Amerie, who's number 1 2005 hit One Thing peaked at number four and who's album Touch went gold the same year, still knows how to engage a crowd. She'd just flown in from LA, she told us, before starting with her hit Why Don't We Fall in Love.

The 36-year-old worked trough a few of her hits before dropping her new single on us, Paper. She got the crowd involved for this one, teaching us the chorus.

Keep your ears peeled for that one. She polished her set off with her biggest hit.

A great nostalgic performance. Music and singer have aged well.



Following this hip hop singer Kid Ink took to the mic. I'd not heard of him 'til I saw the club advertise him earlier in the week, but when he started singing I recognised the songs. A more popular performer, the club filled further between the two artist appearances. The heavily-tattood and appropriately-named singer served up his contemporary hits Body Language, Hotel and Show Me, backed up by a lengthy entourage.

He polished off with a cover of Ayo Jay's Your Number, on which Kid Ink featured alongside Chris Brown. Bigger audience for smaller talent, compared to Amerie if you ask me. But maybe I'm getting old. Still entertaining.

After his performance he grabbed a big-boobed blonde girl out of the front row and disappeared into VIP with her. Fair play.

Good crowd in Milton and of course within the meetup group itself. 

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