Sunday, 16 April 2017

Letter to Fluffy Oakes

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The prompt for Day 16 of NaPoWriMo- and shamefully the first prompt I've actually tried- is a poem in the form of a letter to someone.

FOA Fluffy Oakes
Oldham Zoo

Hi Fluffy,

a quick letter to say,
thanks for your help with everything. I'm making big steps.
It's been a busy week as per. To be honest,
People still scare the crap out of me sometimes
and I don't think they realise that, nor would they
that it's not their fault.

I've got a new position in work and
it seems to be going okay. People are understanding
and patient.
But the real challenges, as we know,
are outside of work.

My social life is good, and I can't pretend otherwise,
and I wouldn't want to. I still carry
that feeling that I'm constantly making a twat out of myself
and being a burden,
Not that people would know.

Wednesday I went to All Star Lanes,
Part bowling alley, part bar,
Part museum. Great memorabilia
but dear for drinks. We didn't bowl.
Maybe next time.

It was a starting point before we
darted to Great Northern Warehouse,
A large open space, and hostel for Northern Rep
Drama production company with a twist,
Shakespeare and 2017 Manchester conjoined
A Midsummer Night's Dream with pop music,
Audience dares, a hen do, a double-entendre fairy
and lesbianism.
I had no fucking idea what was going on,
but I enjoyed it regardless. Impressive acting.

I had to cancel an unattended Meetup event Thursday.
Nobody RSVPd to MK at Albert Hall
Amazed people didn't want to do it.
Whatever. Seen him twice before anyway.

Good Friday:
Got drunk, sarged, failed, got Happy,
an ironically-titled group- there were a handful of arseholes,
but most were good people.
Meetups like these don't seem to be about anything
A huddle of people with little in common
other than the need to connect.
I'm not mad keen on the venue either.

Yesterday I double-booked, Fluffy.
All that organisational talk we had...
and I fucked it up.
Went for food in Vermillion,
waited for friends on a pod,
a seat the size of a king-sized bed.
Moulin Rouge on the TV screens,
deep house ambient in the air.

I guessed at a 2-hour timeslot,
It took us 3 to meet and eat and beat it.
I was supposed to be in the hallowed Sakana for 9.
Nope- I was still chowing Karahi chicken and naans.
Delish, though.

Gotta dash. Hope all is well at the zoo.
Will write again soon about a singer.

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