Monday, 24 April 2017

Come party this bank holiday, as suggested by this rap verse.

Thinking up couplets that hardly rhyme
just so I can yell IT'S PARTY TIME!
If you're still in Manchester and haven't gone away
for the second April bank holiday
Then just remember that the world keeps revolvin'
And life is short, and there's lots to get involved in
So what you gonna do, well, first you might
venture into town on Thursday night
Get yourself a ticket and pay on Visa
Loads of celebs, no you don't want to miss them,
Like Real Cheshire Housewives' Ampika Pickston!
I'm serious, the celeb lineup is awesome,
If you're a girl and wondering if you should bother,
Do you really wanna miss out on Rogan O'Connor?
The frontman for The Dream Boys is one of the guests
And there's more Ex on the Beach people coming up next,
A celebrity couple is always a good thing
Chet Johnson and Helen Briggs are going to be judging!
The party will be great and the DJ will be jammin'
And you might also spot Love Island's Katie Salmon.
So if you want to come out and party with me,
Sign up to the meetup and RSVP!
Saturday night is one not to miss, yo,
So you tell me, what is there preventing
You from attending the viewing at Genting?
Next Monday, are you working? Nah!
Sunday night sees the Cirque le Soir!
Here's an invitation, come with the perfect group
and see the spectacular circus troupe
'a spectacular ambience and enchanting atmosphere'
from the suburbs of Paris, and now they party here!
So step right up, ladies and gents
the hosts The Milton Club always put on great events.
Pharaohs, fire breathers, and an axle grinder
Don't stay in, as if you need a reminder.

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