Saturday, 22 April 2017

Big Narstie in The Milton Club

At 1am on Saturday morning Big Narstie bounces onto The Milton Club's stage and encourages people to sing The Spice Girls' 1997 hit 'Wannabe.' I wasn't sure what to expect of the London grime artist's performance, but it wasn't this.

The crowd, which I wouldn't imagine to be fans of the girl band, are still happy to oblige and it's undeniable fun. He dishes out CDs to the front row (presumably of his own music, not the Spice Girls') while his DJ plays a remix of R Kelly's 1993 hit Bump 'n' Grind with an up-tempo beat and an electronic backing track. The clientele are a lot younger than usual tonight.

Big Narstie's performance is, as you might expect, loud, brash, occasionally vulgar but consistently entertaining. I've since listened to some of his tracks- they sounded better live. I was previously only familiar with When the Bassline Drops, his duet with Craig David.

Another good live event put on by the Deansgate venue as part of their weekly Truth lineup. I went with Manchester Cool Bars.

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