Monday, 17 April 2017

Prospective Nocturne

Day 17 of NaPoWriMo, and today's prompt is a nocturne, a poem to be read at night. To get the full effect, come back to my blog after sundown.

PDF E-tickets and ripped jeans
Mirror selfies and free parking
Manchester after dusk.
The city changes, colder still,
But the events of the night
fuel the city's economy,
and this blog.

To come: a post about a fading singer,
her hits conjuring images of being 22
Bar work and the dole my occupation then.
But great music.

A rapper also,
Tattooed like a walking 'hood tapestry
possibly flash-in-the-pan,
after so many sleeps, we'll find out.

Last night- Bank holiday madness
arrests, fights, a woman sobbing in handcuffs,
a stupid way to end a weekend.
But hey, Printworks. What do you expect.

Trade in your in for out-
don't sleep when you could party.
Come out Friday to see Big Narstie,
Rapper, in The Milton Club.
Starting in Sakana.

Early night Saturday, soaking up sleep
More poetry Sunday at Writers Connect 
or fiction, art on the walls and
words in our heads. Get your feedback here.
Flex your cerebral cortex.

For now, though, repair yourself
with REM, prepare yourself,
Make melatonin and avoid this screen.

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