Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Snapshots of Life

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A surreal warm-up exercise from Writers Connect. I compiled it from looking through the pictures saved on my phone.

Trip hop music in an art cafe
ten megapixel photos of club promoter's arses
a former UFC fighter with a t-shirt suggesting,
'Different chokes for different folks'
cloakroom ticket 480.
Standing next to a luminous hashtag
vacancies for singers at a Manchester pub
woman smiling with a sign:
'Queef on the patriachy'
Expensive apartments at dusk
cloakroom ticket 118
calves full of lactic bulging in the mirror
snapshots of my life.
A pineapple cocktail,
a worm's eye view of an office block
a smiley face cut into the temporary
dust on a glass door
graffiti bee next to my new broadband box.
A culmination,
a pretentious description...
The contents of my camera roll.
Snapshots of my life.

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