Monday, 3 April 2017

Coming up:

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A few events, and you'll want to get in there,
And a blog post about a party with swimwear
There's something coming up if you're a Manchester native,
Or if you're passing through, but you're still a creative,
As long as you are, then you could be anyone,
So come and meet the group tomorrow in Bar Twentyone.
To miss out on this next one would be an oversight-
come out on Thursday to LIV's Socialite!
Models, celebrities, and all that palava- if this sounds fun, then join us in Sakana.
Artisan on Saturday for classy cocktails
And deep house music, and that should not fail
to create an atmosphere that you need to see
So go to Meetup and RSVP.
Not staying late as I have another prospect:
Sunday afternoon is Writers Connect
Fiction and poetry, that's what we show,
to each other, and more so as it's NaPoWriMo.
More to come over the coming fortnight,
Details will come next week if that's alright...

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