Sunday, 9 April 2017

What is the City but the People? And a New Bar? And a Police Car Chase? and Reality TV Stars?

Confidence through action, it's gone past talk
That's how I've auditioned to do a catwalk
I was feeling brave and want to conquer fears
I found a group of people wanting volunteers
to join an event in the centre of Piccadilly
MIF starts with What is the City
Too short and too plain was my suspicion
but the organisers seemed to like my audition
So I'm hoping to hear back from the team soon,
if I'll be taking those strides on the 29th of June.

Also in the city, we'll see treat
heading it's way to Peter Street
Finally the shell of Bar Thirty Eight
Will transform itself from dirty to great
So if you want a new place to sup from a chalice
You'll have to wait for Tup Tup Palace.

Earlier this week on Thursday night
I joined Cool Bars to go to Socialite
We started in Sakana and celebs were in there
celebrating the launch of Perky Pear
most of them left before I could find them
But I managed to grab Katie Salmon from Love Island
I met her on the hottest weekend of the summer
A lovely girl and a hell of a stunner.

One more thing, and don't be bitter,
but X Factor's Ellis Lacey follows me on Twitter.

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