Sunday, 19 November 2017

Awful Scene Outside History

There are two roads into History nightclub on Longworth St- Camp St and St John St. Last night, 3am, on the latter, I saw a man punching woman a in a car.

The guy was huge- sat in the driver's seat next to her. She was screaming for help, but I wasn't going to get my face punched in, thanks. I was on my own. I went straight to the doormen outside History. They told me that the two of them had been 'fighting' in the club, and that he had been thrown out. She'd been advised to stay in the club, but she left with him. Now that they were outside, the doormen couldn't do anything.

After a few other people complained, the doormen eventually intervened. I left the scene looking for the police- I suppose I should have rang 999, and I'm embarrassed that I didn't. I walked up to Peter St, just around the corner from the club, where there are a handful of other bars and usually a few police vans waiting for something to happen. The police were nowhere to be found.

I went back to History and the car, the man and the woman had already gone.

I had been out looking for stories for the blog, hoping to photograph a few things, but I wasn't wasting time with a camera when someone was in trouble. I'm disappointed that the door staff were reluctant to help- regardless of club policy, they should have a conscience.

Also, I'm not one for victim-blaming, but if you're given an opportunity to be kept safe from a violent man and you don't take it, and you end up getting punched, you have part- PART- of the blame.

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