Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Filling in a gap

Well, the gap in my stomach was filled with egg mayo sandwiches, Galaxy chocolate and Aberlour single malt tonight (the bottle is now empty). But what about the gap in my blog? What about tonight's post? I've listened to a load of Immortal Technique rap songs to see if I can get inspiration- no luck- and I've watched I'm a Celeb to see if there's any celebrity-related gossip I can drag out- void.

My weight yesterday was 84.1kg, shockingly high, but today I got it down to 82.2 thanks to a Total Body Workout gym class. (I've probably already put it back on, though.) Looks like this is a regular Tuesday thing for me from now on.

I've met no celebs, I've not finished reading any books, I have no particular thoughts on anything...

...so why not unwind and go to sleep. Maria from Gentlewhispering will help you to do that. ASMR is a growing trend on Youtube, and is helping millions of people to relax and fall asleep. The Russian-American Maria is my favourite.

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