Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Half Way There: A Rap Verse about a Troubled Footballer

If you're doing NaBloPoMo, come on say yeah
I'm not Bon Jovi but we're half way there
When taking on the challenge, one of my fears
Was not planning forward and and running out of ideas
It hasn't happened; there's a few in reserve,
But I won't divulge, gonna keep them preserved
But while we're on it, dunno if you missed it,
Trevor Sinclair is still being a dipstick 
While he's embroiled in this drink drive palava
He's probably forgotten that time in Baa Bar
At the height of his career back in two thousand and three
Where he pretty much literally bumped into me
Tripped over my foot, and thought it was my fault
Thought that I'd pranked him just to be spiteful
He leaned over me and gave me a slap
Obviously thought that I was aiming for a scrap
But why would I bother? He was twice my size!
It wasn't long before the doormen took him outside.
I went to the papers, who talked to the bar,
but 'cause they wouldn't comment the story didn't go far.
I see he's forty four, from the site in front of me,
And that right now, he's still held in custody.
We don't know whether he'll be sentenced or not,
But you know what they say about leopards and their spots.

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