Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Ibiza: Day 2


Drove through the streets of Ibiza getting lost. Braked suddenly on a side street only for some Spanish moped driver to slam into the back of the hire car. He spoke English, advising me to take more care, and I apologised, only to realise moments later that he should have given more stopping distance. Get mad, man!

Saw the sun set between the iconic bars Café Mambo and Café Del Mar.

No big cheer when the sun went down, as was rumoured. 

It looked a lot better than it smelled: I'm sure the sea was being polluted. We followed this with the first proper club night of our holiday: Vagabundos at Booom!. Fantastic. The club was smart, the dress code- like in the majority of the island- relaxed and informal. The music was top notch.


I did go in, I promise...


Sam said...

Is that where we saw carl cox?

CageFightingBlogger said...

It might be. Or it might have been somewhere else- or a lookalike! Didn't quite manage to put anything in my phone at the time!