Sunday, 13 October 2013

Three Strikes: Week 46


I met somebody famous this week. Stay tuned for a post on this. I also have a few more celebrity encounters lined up to fill the void that is my life over the next few weeks. Hoo... ray.

Struggling to even strike out on the last remaining movements at the gym in the Three Strikes project. Lat pulldown, seated row and horizontal dumbell fly are the only remaining movements left, and there's only one of each machine at OCL. I made the mistake of leaving the three most popular areas of the gym right to the end of the project. If you're going to give this weekly gym project a shot, start with the most popular machines first. Or go early, before work, when only the old biddies are there on the cross trainers, and the benches aren't being used.

May set the alarm a little earlier...

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