Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Ibiza: Day 6


So blisteringly hot that the large chunks of ice I'd put in my drink had melted by the time I got from the kitchen to the lounger outside.

After sundown, we hit Cream at Amnesia, an absolutely massive warehouse-style venue with two giant inflatable superheroes pumped up on either side of the stage, between which was placed a spotlit DJ booth. The crowd- quite younger than at other clubs- lapped up the electro and dance mash-ups.

Here's DJ DOD...

...and Benny Banassi!

He bears a striking resemblance to Robert Downey Jr, don't you think?

Eddie Halliwell also performed a set although I didn't get a video for some reason.

Most memorably, when Laidback Luke took over, his promo team dished out about a thousand giant pointing foam fingers, first throwing them to the people at the front of the stage but soon frisbeeing each one as far as he could into the surging crowd, until the whole venue was a sea of yellow fingers, thrusting to the beat as the DJ twisted his fingers, his thumb and forefinger L-shaped, symmetrical.

Can't believe I didn't get a video of him either!

I apparently missed Paul Van Dyke because- unbeknown to me- there was another entire room with another stage, where PVD was playing. According to the group that room was the main stage, with a bigger, better layout. We must have split into two at some point, and found each other later on, something I have no recollection of at all- possibly due to not getting back to the villa 'til 7:30am.

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