Friday, 18 October 2013

Writing by Numbers

Group exercise. Leader Oz gave us a range of numbers, each written on a folded-up slip of paper which we picked individually from a pile. My range was 51-60.

The exercise: in 15 minutes, write a story involving all of these numbers. Here’s mine. You tell me: is this cheating?

51 52-year-olds boarded the buses- the 53 and 54 to Manchester. This was an event that occurred yearly, and had done since ’55, when the rockabilly era had just kicked off. These particular middle-aged folk were really too young to recall the era, but in their teens and twenties they had found the music and grown fond, bucking the trend of indulging in modern music so celebrated by their peers.

The bus charged at 56 mph down the newly opened M57, with the rockabilly classic “58 Ways to Jive” bursting out of the bus’ tinny speakers.

I’ve not heard this since, what, ‘59?” guessed Gerald.

“’60 maybe,” said Lynton. “When I met my wife. Happy times!” He chuckled, and popped his false teeth forward. The bus lurched around the roundabout, causing his stomach to flip.

Apparently, this isn’t sticking to the rules! Everyone found this hard. I think people’s ages might not be realistic. If they’re 52 and one member had met his wife in 1960, and they’re too young to remember the rockabilly era… Sorry, just attempted maths. Brain exploded.

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