Sunday, 27 October 2013

Three Strikes: Week 48

This weeks achievements: 

On Saturday I probably spent more time driving in one day than I have in any other day, and with the torrential downpour the north-west saw this weekend, I can treat that as an achievement of sorts... 

I've driven from Oldham to Cleethorpes for a wedding, then from there to Trafford Park for Anthems of House Music, a night of dance classics in an exhibition centre that was, at one time, one of the biggest clubs in the country in its day. Full post to follow.

Gents' mag Esquire chose my tweet for their Reader's Nightmares article! It was an online piece only, but I'm mighty chuffed!

At the gym, however, I could hardly get onto any of the machines I wanted to. I'm going to have to get my ass out of bed VERY early to use them before work, when only the forty-something-year-old women come in to chat on the treadmills. I went in this morning after I'd got home at about 4am! I'd had about 7 hours sleep and got in as quick as I could, but the lat pulldown and the benches were STILL being used! This is what happens when you spend £19.50 a month on a membership, though- you're joining a tiny, overcrowded gym with a handful of machines.

I actually improved on something at the gym, breaking a 6-week run of not making any new records. Cable crunch, using the V-shaped handle bar, saw a 1-notch improvement after a 14-month slump. It's a stomach exercise, so something I've never stopped working on. It does affect the wrist muscles more than the stomach, though, so I'll be more likely to look like Popeye than have a six-pack if I keep at it. As few as 5 strikes left on the project. Was hoping I could stretch it to 52 weeks- it'll be a miracle if that happens.

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