Thursday, 10 October 2013

Ibiza: Day 7


Watched the sun set through the large glass front of Ibiza Rocks Bar, San Antonio.

The bar's sister venture, Ibiza Rocks Hotel, has a reputation for offering the most crazy, non-stop-party accommodation on the island. The stories of sleep-deprived, drug-fueled madness caused by the residents are endless. The hotel itself, shaped like the outline of a rectangle, allows the rooms and their balconies look out over the venue's auditorium, meaning residents get free nightly shows without leaving their studios. The events are quite mainstream-music-orientated and not ideal for house music enthusiasts like myself, but the headlining acts are quite well-known.

We went on the Friday evening, for the closing party of We Are Rockstars, where Radio 1's Zane Lowe and singer Mark Ronson performed a mash-up of numerous random pop songs. Cheesy but entertaining, with the music selection including a few surprising oldies from the last 15 years or so.

An impressive venue until you see the queues at the bar and the horrific state of the toilets (with what looked like chopped chorizo splattered all over the bowls and floors).

Once the show had ended, the night was still young so we taxid over to the Ibiza Rocks Cafe again, then to Eden, for Judgement Fridays. Radio 1's Judge Jules span quite a heavy selection of house songs. He can't mix for shit! HOW did he end up on Radio 1?! Music was a bit too hard for my liking, but the décor, clientèle and view of the dancefloor from the club's balcony was brilliant.

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