Wednesday, 19 August 2015

10 Things to Do Before I'm 34

Shit. Gettin' old. And still don't know what the fuck. Well. What should I do this year, I wonder...

  1. I STILL need to do something with this screenplay I've been sat on for a decade now.
  2. Get MORE confident. I'm so close to how I want to be. I'm not leaning back with this.
  3. Write something that helps people and that allows much more people to notice this blog. I've just hit 500K this week. Doubling my hits in the next 12 months is ambitious, but attainable with the right access to unique, engaging content.
  4. Cut down on social media.
  5. Travel. I may have found some people who are up for this.
  6. Learn shorthand.
  7. Get a new car. This clapped out Micra is killing my street cred.
  8. Have a relationship.
  9. Get my abs back.
  10. Get more of a grip on the memory issues that blight my life. I'm making huge steps with this through dealing with the NHS and doing research online, and of course going out and practicing what I'm learning. More improvements to come.

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