Monday, 10 August 2015

Prospective Mondays

I've spotted a few interesting opportunities across the city and on social media this week. They aren't all occurring in the next seven days, however opportunities may pass you by if you don't book tickets fast.

The annual Manchester Literature Festival will take place in October and their events guide is out now. Can't say much of it catches my eye, but it might yours.

US novelist and author of The Corrections, Jonathan Franzen, is in Manchester Saturday 3rd October at a Waterstones event. I tried reading The Corrections recently and couldn't get into it for the life of me, but he's certainly popular. Tickets will go fast. I've already met him, so I'll give it a miss.

Thanks for reading my blog. I've now made it to 500,000 hits. It's only taken, what, nearly 8 years? Well. I have plans to give you juicy info that you can't get anywhere else, so the next half million shouldn't take anywhere near as long to get. But more importantly, I'm enjoying blogging now more than I ever have. Alongside that, I'm more confident than I've ever been, and will continue to build on that.

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