Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Sweet Female Attitude @ Static

Remember Garage hit Flowers by Sweet Female Attitude?

Leanne Brown, a singer from the group, performed in Manchester House music club Static last Saturday. I set up a Meetup event and welcomed everyone along. We started in nearby bar Slug and Lettuce (nice, free WiFi) and the four of us went over to the club not long after.

It was a strangely quiet night considering it was a Saturday and it's a nice club with a good act on. Last time I went it was rammed, with a tough door policy. This time there were people in the queue who I'm sure would never have got in this time last year. No WiFi or even reception for texts once inside.

The music was superb: it was like a Sunday morning on Radio 1 back in 2000. Hours of back to back garage. A real nostalgia trip for aging clubbers like myself. More than a handful of these tracks appear in this mix.

Pictures from the night are on Static's Facebook album.

After 1am Leanne performed her set. Great entertainment. I always find it enjoyable to find people who were a part of my younger days in some way, and the garage hour in Ashton's Love Shack was the highlight of my nights out when I was 18. Sweet Female Attitude's hit Flowers was a staple track during those times.

The music did get a little heavy and obscure towards the end, but on the whole it was a brilliant event that deserved to be more popular than it was. This could be down to the music's target audience all being old and having babies, and hanging up their clubbing gear. Lightweights. Top night though.

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