Monday, 17 August 2015

Prospective Mondays

It's gonna get a little bit adult in this post, so get ready.

Erotica festival Sexhibition comes to town Friday and lasts all weekend. It's this week's go-to place for “live music, DJ sets, burlesque, cabaret, and performance art”. You know it's your thing. Stop pretending. I honestly don't recognise many names of guests or organisations being a part of it, but maybe you're more of a pervert than I am and you do. Which is no bad thing. Contains everything from pole dancing classes to BDSM for beginners. Event tickets start from a fiver.

If you're into you're Sci-fi and Fantasy, maybe the Big Geek Quiz is your thing. Head down to movie-themed Bar 21 on Tuesday night, 8pm.

Manchester Social Group's organiser Ann Marie has a birthday on the horizon and you're invited! We're starting in The Botanist, Friday 8pm. Don't forget to RSVP through the Meetup page.

I have something special for you Saturday night. Remember Flowers, by Sweet Female Attitude?

The group are playing in Static this Saturday. The Groovebox event looks like it's going to be a sellout. If you fancy joining me, I've put an event up on Manchester Social Group here. There are still a few tickets available here-  get on it! Smart attire people!

Tweet me if you want your event here- it's free!

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