Sunday, 23 August 2015

Save Manchester TV and Media Production Meetup

If you work in TV, or you're trying to, you'd do well to check out this Meetup group. It's a group for people to meet, discuss careers, share advice and collaborate on projects. It's highly valuable for people trying to get into the competitive field of Media. There's just one problem: the organiser has left the group and a new one is required.

The Meetup admins sent me an automatic email with this warning:

Your Organizer, amadeus hellequin, just stepped down without nominating a replacement.
Without an Organizer, Manchester TV & Media Production Meet Up. will shut down on September 1, 2015.

Step up to become this Meetup Group's Organizer and you can guide its future direction!
Other members can help you. Ask them to suggest Meetups or even nominate a few to help as Assistant Organizers.”

In the discussion section Hannah Suckley has stated she's considering taking on the role and would be looking for people to assist. If you're interested, (or perhaps you want to compete for the position?) drop her a line.

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