Friday, 21 August 2015

Thoughts on 8 Mile

From the director of the highly suspenseful
50s crime drama, LA Confidential
a modern-day musical, revival of the genre,
A hip-hop tale with vitality and timbre
There's only 8 stories for any storyteller
Here, under the umbrella of “Cinderella”,
The lifetime dream finally come true
Recognition of unrecognised virtue
Overcoming obstacles apparent in their lives
Goodness triumphant after being despised
You might think that sounds like a film that I've seen
It was called “The Rap Rocky” by Empire magazine
As much as I'm a member of the Eminem fandom
And although I admire the works of Curtis Hanson
The 8 Mile movie that no doubt you've seen
It can't be denied was let down by routine
Sorry to the cast and crew, not gonna let 'em off,
but seriously, what was the point of Cheddar Bob?
And seriously, you were surprised by the cops
chasing you down after you'd fired the paintball shots
Splattering paint all over their car,
so you hide, leaving them wondering where the hell you are?

After beginning and middle, you know what must follow
The conclusion of the riddle landed just hollow
Rabbit feels his car plant days are through,
but the audience feels only de ja vu
Rabbit must progress himself to a higher mission
and to prove he's the best this requires nihilism
He knows that he has skill, there's nothing missing in his voice
He's broken through the rap scene of Michigan's Detroit
To win the contest of the slickest lyricist
He must show best there's no-oone as ill as this
He slags himself off in a selfless way
and takes away the argument, there's nothing left to say
It's the self-berating theme became so popular
Here are some films with that feel I've got for ya
Fight Club and Old School had the same vibe, oh,
The same can be said for American Psycho
His nihilistic style became a success
And Mekhi Phifer gave him the contest
But to get to his goal he must stay as the best
A broke-ass rapper on the cusp of greatness
So he turns down the opportunity to co-host
and chases his own goals that he's hoping for most
And there the film ends, Rabbit winning and mighty,
In a Michigan club in the middle of the nineties
He's hungry for fame, career on track
Aside from the fact he doesn't have a contract
So the film concludes with that one disparity
So I guess like in Rocky there's a similarity
in that when the titles roll and the film ends
he still hasn't achieved goals, received dividends.

My main critique and my attack on the story
is that basically all it is is “the rap Rocky”
As described by Empire and many other critics
Curtis Hanson held the fuse, and Eminem lit it
Although I enjoyed, a suggestion if I may
If the production had been made in an entirely different way
If the film had been made as a traditional musical
The press would have found it more critically reviewable
Finally I dedicate these video lyrics
To those involved who aren't around to hear it
My heartfelt condolences to the families collectively
of Brittany Murphy and Proof respectively.

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