Thursday, 13 August 2015

A Year Ago I Set Some Plans.

I set myself a deadline of a year to get through these ten things

  1. I have successfully stopped saying “well, yeah”.
  2. I haven't done much with my feature screenplay. I have sped up my typing, though, which was what I wanted to do to make dabbling with the script a lot easier.
  3. In the last year, I have traveled a little. I've been to Newcastle and Albufeira, but you need people to travel with and everyone's broke. So it's a start.
  4. I've done a ton of work on my stomach, cutting out fatty food, boxing, gym, extra cardio... I can tell I'm certainly fitter as I can get through the cardiotone class without gassing, and my chest is a lot wider than it was, but the abs still aren't showing. Cutting out chocolate is going to work though.
  5. I've written a few things that I think might be helping people, mostly to do with the Meetup  site. I'm trying to encourage people to get out and meet new friends and stay social, something that's vital to a healthy mind. More to the point, it's fun.
  6. I'm still not famous, and neither is my writing. Another 6 months. Just watch.
  7. I've made a bit of confidence progress here and there. Getting somewhere. More work to be done though.
  8. I tried to cut down on social media, as a few people have advised me to. It's backfired, though, and I'm using it more. But at least Meetup is for getting involved with groups in person, rather than for staring at a feed of people you haven't seen in years, and desperately trying to impress them.
  9. It occurs to me a year later that 9 is the same as 7.
  10. I've not done too bad with sleeping, after using the advice from the sleep wellbeing course. See here and here.

Further plans to follow.

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