Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Chocolate Fail

I tried to give up chocolate for a month. My plan was to only eat chocolate in the form of drinking chocolate, purely for insomnia-combating purposes. In its place: fruit and cereal bars. However, it's been July and August, and my birthday was at the end of July. There's been a lot of chocolate selection boxes and chocolate cake flying around, and some of it inadvertently ended up in my mouth, and subsequently my stomach. I failed hard. Having said that, I think I've still cut down. My mum came back from a few weeks holiday saying I looked “chunky”: she was obviously referring to the traps and pecs as I've made a few improvements at the gym and she's not the only one to have noticed.

So there.

Anyway. In the last month I've been trying to keep fit and beat PBs at the gym.

15th July – 15th August

Cable crunch with metal handle (weight 15) – 15 more reps to total
Cable crunch with rope handle (weight 15) – 10 more reps to total
Leg press – 2 more notches
Horizontal dumbbell fly- 1 weight up. First improvement made on this movement since January.

I'm going to try this project again. I'm going to have to wait until I've eaten everything that everyone gave me for my birthday first though. I'll try and space it out.

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