Monday, 29 August 2016

Bank Holiday in Spinningfields; Upcoming Weekend

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Holy crap. Don't let anyone tell you that Manchester's rubbish on a Bank Holiday. It's a rumour I've heard a number of times: “people just stay local on a Bank Holiday”... “Manchester is dead on Sundays even on Bank Holidays”... It's bollocks. Granted, there may be some quiet places but we roamed last night and there were plenty of lively bars. Artisan, Alchemist, and Neighbourhood were all busy (and full of gorgeous girls).

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Screwball and Malt-Easer in Alchemist

Outside Spinningfields

In Neighbourhood

If this seems like your thing and you want to get involved, stay tuned.

We then found ourselves on Deansgate so we dropped into The Living Room, a bar I've been meaning to check out since 2004 (after I unceremoniously resigned). It's much different these days, with house music, better lighting and no live piano. But still, like the old days, there were lots of fine women. “Seven hundreds” as the staff used to call them. Do they still use that code?

Then I found £20 on Deansgate, which paid for my taxi home. Bosh! What a night!

So, what happens this coming week?

I'll be back in The Living Room on Thursday for the next Dare to Grow event. The focus group aims to help people to move towards achieving their ambitions. I really enjoyed the last one. It's free!

Saturday: I'm going back to Artisan with Manchester Cool Bars and on from there to swanky celeb haunt Panacea. I went on a Friday a while back and it was superb. I've been meaning to do a Saturday for ages. I'm really looking forward to it. So far there's 4 guys in the group and 9 girls. Can't complain! If you want in, join the site, join the group, RSVP to the event and send me your email through the site.

Great weekend behind, another ahead.

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