Thursday, 11 August 2016

Do You Dare to Grow?

Last Thursday night saw DARETOGROW take place in Manchester's The Living Room on Deansgate. The event, ran by entrepreneurs Lisa Bean and Alice Rosemary Allum was a step closer in their plans to create a mastermind group to discuss the dreams and plans of whoever attends, and to help each other move towards them.

The introduction involved some inspiring motivational speeches of people- including the organisers themselves- going from grass roots to success, and the mentality needed to get there.

The speakers gave us individual and group exercises, looking at what it was we wanted to do when we were around eight years old, what part of Waterstones we're most drawn to, and what we're enjoy searching for online. There was a lot of helpful introspection, looking at our dreams as a child and what we'd tell our eight-year-old selves, and how we express our current qualities. We were asked to write things about ourselves that people in the group didn't know, then share them.

There was an eclectic group of people: a maths and English tutor, a holistic therapist and a magician who hypnotised a woman to the point where she couldn't prize her hands apart to name three.

The Dare to Grow site is here.

A great night with a lot of positivity. A few pics are on the Daretogrow Facebook page. Get involved in the next one!

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