Sunday, 21 August 2016


Busy busy week. I'm wrestling to keep my weight down and failing, and I'm not entirely sure where the weight is coming from considering I'm eating loads of veg and hammering the cardio machines in the gym. I'll figure it out one way or another. I was at 80Kg, now at 77.3. After London, I was 73. Slightly annoyed that I've gone back up, but more so that I'm the only person in this challenge using metric, when 2 of the competitors are only 2 years older and my sister, who's also competing, is 4 years younger.


I've been doing hand weights at home whilst watching the Olympics, as well as watching the games on the screens at the gym. Since the tournaments began on 6th August, I've tried to beat PBs in things that I can do whilst watching the games. I've used the bikes, which have TV screens built in, and I found that by halving the effort level I could clock up a much higher distance in 10 mins. I haven't beaten the distance I got when I first did this though. The rope flick, or battle ropes, is also well-positioned for watching the TV screens. This is one of the most effective activities you can do in the gym. The cross trainers also have built-in screens, but try as I might- no PBs.

The games have been superb. I'm not often patriotic but I loved watching Team GB. The highlights for me: the women's Hockey team taking gold, the diving, the boxing, judo and tae kwon do. Action, emotion and national pride all in abundance. We ended second in the medals table, behind USA and beating China! Incredible.

I was watching the Olympic Dressage, the horse show jumping event. I couldn't really get into it personally, but some guy at the gym thought that it was some kind of cycling computer game, and that I was controlling the horse by pedalling.

Oh dear. And on the issue of being disappointed in people, more bad news: my favourite blog will shut down. Gawker will disappear after the owner was declared bankrupt. This was a result of the company's flagship blog publishing a sex tape featuring Hulk Hogan, who then sued the owners for $140.1 million. Their affiliate sites should stay active according to this soon-to-disappear article.

Anyway: the Olympic closing ceremony will take place at midnight tonight, British Summer Time. That's my evening sorted!

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