Sunday, 14 August 2016

Go Prohibition Style with The Fitzgerald

Dropped into the lovely Cottonopolis on Newton Street Friday, a great new Northern Quarter bar with superb unique cocktails. As I'm normally designated driver, a drinking night is an occasional treat. When this happens- like this weekend- I want to drink something I've not tried before, so the NWA- the Japanese-whiskey-based Nikka With Attitude was a good shout. I've you're not a whiskey person you might still like this one. It's not dissimilar to a Pornstar Martini in taste and appearance.

The lighting, wirework frames around the bulbs, bare brickwork and open plan layout give this a unique cotton-mill appearance. Unlike the countless warehouses I've worked in, which were also converted cotton mills- this was a real pleasure to spend time in.

After this we looked at a list of bars I wanted to try- something I've been adding to for months. The Fitzgerald was nearby, on Little Lever St near Stevenson Square, so we took a look in there.

A gorgeous 1920s style joint, The Fitzgerald is located above Rosylee, and it's discreet location is perfectly in theme with its prohibition-esque appearance inside. Fine leather furniture, black and gold marketing material, Charlie Chaplin movies projected onto one wall and staff in vintage uniforms all contribute brilliantly to the American bygone-era feel. Over this, modernised, sometimes housed-up versions of '20s music throbs at a comfortable level from the speakers- the kind of music where you don't know whether to do the Charleston or locking and popping.

Their cocktail range was also in theme. I had a Daisy's Desire. Recommended.

I haven't yet asked if they'd let you in with a Trilby, but it'd be a travesty if they didn't.

We then moved on to Guilty by Association, which is always a good shout for classic hip hop. They also have some, uh, interesting toilet graffiti.
Was this the Ashton or Warrington Store? We'll never know.

How about no.

Come on, mate. I'm a harsh critic, but that's mean.

I have no doubt some are.

 I was fantastically drunk by the end. A great night!

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