Saturday, 13 August 2016

I Got to Fabric London Just in Time

London techno nightclub Fabric has temporarily closed due to two drug deaths, one of which happened the night before I visited.

I have a friend in London who's a Fabric regular so a group of us went down to the capital for sightseeing and a club night. A quick scout out to Covent Garden gave us a morning of street entertainment, including this guy who seemingly swallowed a very long balloon, telling the crowd (including children) that he'd learned the trick 'in prison.'


The next entertainer, an incredibly skinny bloke, dislocated his shoulder and fit his whole body through the frame of a tennis racket. He also stood on a bed of nails, placed another bed over the top of him like a sandwich, then asked a child to stand on him.

Nearby was The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, so we took a look inside. The layout was a little weird- remembering which room you've been in isn't too easy, but the paintings are definitely memorable.

Later that night we got the tube to Fabric to see DJ Scuba, and for an eight-hour tech house stomp.

The doormen were vigorous during frisking. I felt violated by the time I got in. The doorwomen were similarly invasive according to the girls in our group. By this point I'd not heard the news about the death the night before.

Anyway. A great venue. Not a hardcore tech house fan myself, but it's a good change from the vocal melodic stuff that I'd go out to hear in my 20s. People were friendly, there was good air conditioning and the old brickwork of what was the Metropolitan Cold Stores- some kind of warehouse- contrasts nicely with the lights, lasers and disco balls. We took advantage of the chillout area- the refreshing inclusion of huge bean bags, and seats as big as double beds, was much appreciated later on into the night.

Some rooms were a little too bassy, I got no phone reception inside and the club was nowhere near capacity, but for £20 the atmos was great and the DJs and music were on top form.


Side issue: if I walk into my local Tesco, take an ecstacy pill and have a cardiac and die in the fruit and veg isle... how would that be Tesco's fault? There's no ponit punishing the clubs for what the punters put in their bodies. They're adults.

Great weekend. Looking forward to heading to London again some time.

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