Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Creative Wednesdays

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I want to introduce you to something I'm making
A new blogging challenge that I'm undertaking
I'm convincing some people to get them to read
It's like finding a stone that will heavily bleed
So tell your friends, aunts, uncles and cousins
'Cause sometimes it rhymes, and others it doesn't
I'm gonna try it out, and so might you,
Could be a sonnet, or maybe haiku
But what is the challenge?” you might then say.
Well, my plan is that every Wednesday
I'll upload something here that's vaguely poetic
That could be tranquil, or may be frenetic
It's only on this blog, so you know the author's me
And I'll provide you with a range of authentic poetry.
In fact, fuck it, because of good diction,
I'll broaden it out and throw in some fiction.
Not many admit that they love to read
Most only cast eyes over their Facebook feed
But I've got an idea, and it may be something,
Because like Obama said, “Change is coming!”
After a few weekly posts, you would then say,
Goddamn, I love Creative Wednesdays!”

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