Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Weight Loss Challenge

I WEIGH 80 KILOS. What the fuck. Some of this additional weight will be muscle, some of it won't. Either way, I HAVE to cut weight. When will it stop? Hopefully not with a cardiac arrest.

My mum and dad have also expressed they want to lose weight, so yesterday I set them a challenge: to lose more weight than me in the next month.

To do this, I'll be eating veg, veg and more veg, avoiding chocolate and snacks, cutting down on fruit (which is where I get most of my sugar these days) and avoiding alcohol (I've drank more in the last couple of months than in maybe a year before it). I'll also cut down on lifting big weights and work on cardio machines, rope flicks, skipping and reps, reps, reps. In a month's time, let's see how much I've lost.

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