Wednesday, 20 January 2016

An interesting Twitter trick with

I've been using an add-on website to get a better idea of what I've managed to do with my Twitter account. is a free website that allows you to check when someone unfollows you on Twitter. This is something of which Twitter itself does not notify you.

Unfollowers also allows you to view statistics on your Twitter account. For example, you can see who you follow, who follows you, who follows you back out of those you have followed (your “friends”), who follows you that you are not following back (your “fans”), and who you are following who are not following you back (people you “are a fan of”). The site provides you with total figures for all of these.

Using this information you can easily unfollow people who aren't following you back if you so wish. You can also quickly check who are your biggest followers. To do this, start by logging in with your Twitter account and then clicking into the Twitter icon (you'll see your Twitter profile pic.) On the left hand side, find the section titled “FOLLOWERS”. Underneath this you will see a link titled “Everyone following you”. This will throw up a list of Twitter accounts with that criteria. Next, go to the top right of the screen and look for the “sort by” section, and choose “followers” and “descending” from the drop-down boxes. The results will be your most-followed followers, decreasing in follower numbers.

My most popular follower:

DJ King Assassin, with 4.64 million followers. A big name on the behind-the-scenes hip hop scene, he is responsible for the beats behind artists such as Tupac, Ice T and Wyclef Jean.

In second and third place respectively are Great Minds Quotes with 2.96 million followers and

Penguin Books with 1.19 million. Other notable followers are:

BBC3, (633K), 

porn stars
Vicky Vette (724K),
Brandi Love (243K),
Brooke Haven (211K)
Candace Von (171K)
and Dillion Harper (168K)

Author of The Game, Neil Strauss (119K), and
Odeon Cinemas (104K).

Unfollowers is a great tool for thinning out your followings to stop you looking like a huge fanboy / fangirl (running a celebrity-obsessed blog may counter that effect though). It allows you to unfollow 100 accounts a day straight from their interface without going back to your own Twitter account. It's also handy if you want to know who made the decision to unfollow you, or who's stopped tweeting. Aside from the above you may find other things in the site that I haven't. It's a curiosity, but I hope you find it as fascinating as I do.

One final link: Unfollowers' Twitter is here.

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