Sunday, 3 January 2016

Stuffed New Year!

What a week. New Years Eve with Fat Man Scoop was brilliant and utterly ridiculous. New Years Day with Basement Jaxx and Fatboy Slim was so good my legs nearly fell off. What else?

I left a comment on a Facebook page that garnered 458 likes. Anyone remember South Park's Sexual Harassment Panda?

I've never received that many likes before. I'm currently looking into whether there's a way of finding my most popular comments using perhaps an add-on program for Facebook. There may be a way of doing this with Youtube comments too. Do you know of any?

Wolframalpha offer analytics for Facebook. This is my most-commented picture.

Well then. 27 comments on this pic of me and a girl I met in Magaluf in '10. I'm saying nothing more.

My most liked?

Ayyyy! Me and Henry Winkler. 28 likes.

Moving on: amid the parties this week I polished off the Jack Kourac classic novel On the Road, a tale of a couple of guys touring the USA in the 50s on a budget, grabbing whatever work or women or drugs that they could, crashing parties and musing on the apparent pointlessness of their own lives. Directionless, chaotic but utterly absorbing, the novel is an early example of “beat” writing expanded upon by the likes of William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg. It's supposed to be an all-time classic- I certainly enjoyed it but I've read many things like it (mostly that came after it. I'm guessing it was the first manically-written 20-something lads' novel). Well worth a look.

January will be quiet but I will be busy- I have more blog posts in the pipeline.

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