Friday, 1 January 2016

NYE 2015: Fat Man Scoop in Tiger Tiger

Loud rapper and star of Celebrity Big Brother Fat Man Scoop dropped into Tiger Tiger last night to see the new year in. A group of us got tickets early on at a fair price and queued up early. When I joined the queue I quickly realised my printout ticket had vanished, so I searched around on the floor an asked the promo girl. She said there should be something in my email.

I headed back to my car to see if I'd left it on the seat. On the way back I checked Outlook on the Windows app- it only showed recent emails and none of my flagged messages. (There's one of about 20 reasons not to get a Windows phone, for the record.) I checked my emails in my web browser (somehow managing to remember my password) and the email was right there. I downloaded the Adobe reader app...

and found my ticket on the pavement next to my car.

Ridiculous. So I joined the queue again. It was fast moving. When I got in I found my team quickly and joined the bar next to the Philip Seymour Hoffman lookalike and the Gennady Golovkin lookalike. Not long into the night some utter cock sprayed champagne all over the crowd. After this a group of people- we suspected gypsies- were booted out after getting into a mass brawl in the karaoke booths.

They missed out- just before midnight Fat Man Scoop took the stage dressed in pure white and started busting out his hip hop hits. Entertaining. Couldn't quite manage a selfie with him, but I did get this...

A top night. A smart club but with chavvy clientele, but if you've got a fading star from Celebrity Big Brother as your main attraction, you're advertising to the masses, and you're going to get that.

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