Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Pass it Around Again

Take a look at this group writing exercise about football. This, as mentioned, was an exercise produced by a team of writers who would write for one minute solid before passing the sheet on to the next writer for them to continue. There are as many sheets as there are writers so we all write at the same time.

What I have here, which group member Gail typed up, is another of these sheets which describes another version of the same theme. Gail's gone one step further than me and remembered which member wrote which section. Dedication!


Garry: The game of football has been usurped by people with money. They have taken the game out of local communities by constantly building on pitches. Football is for all people, men and women. It is a social game.

Michael: Yes, for all people not that, Paul, all people should play football. You always say that you don’t like the game and would rather read a book, but what’s not liking it got to do with anything? Do you like having to go to school? No? But does that mean you don’t have to go? Well then, you should damned well play football

John Morris: “But sir, football is nothing more than twenty two men running around a wide expanse of grass space trying to put a ball into the other person’s net. Surely to God there are better ways to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Matt: “Wrong” said the teacher, “There’s 22, 11 per team, 23 with the ref, more with your substitutions”

“Sir, I’ve got to ask you” I took a breath. “You teach us basketball, rugby and rounders, when we see these other sports on television, we never see shirt pulling, fights, spitting and dirty tackles”.

Gail: “That’s because we want you to be gentlemen and not pigs or dogs” said Sid the trainer. 

“But we love a good punch up” said Sally, “Please sir, as its Christmas can we pretend that we are both pigs and men”

Oz: “Is that what you want then boys? To have a big old fight on the pitch?”

“The reason I’ve taught you rugby is that rugby is a real man’s game. Do you want to be girls?”

“OK then, I’ll give you all a pair of heels, a lipstick and a ball and see what you achieve in the next 90 minutes."

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