Thursday, 21 January 2016

#tbt Oldham Carnival

Oldham Cyclists Touring Club (CTC) congregate at Oldham Carnival on Union Street, circa 1987. My mum is on the far left with the short dark hair. My sister (who's about 1 in this picture) is in the child seat on the back of her bike. I'm probably just off shot left of her (aged about 5), as is my dad. My parents were (and still are) CTC members.

As you can see, the carnival is in full swing with the excessive use of bunting (note the solitary strip hung from the dilapidated Bingo Social Club). You can actually see someone holding some balloons screen left of the bus. I found this picture buried in a box of my earliest school notebooks.

Were you at the carnival? Are you on this picture? Leave me a comment!

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